28 August 2012

It will soon be the 29th of August…

I woke up late this morning, with no headache.  Thank goodness.  Except I had to take the car to the mechanic and it took me some time to get ready.

It was a beautiful sunny day outside, despite it being Winter and I decided to have my breakfast outside in the gorgeous garden.  My mother’s pride and joy.

Took an hour to eat, shower and get dressed.  Actually enjoyed that, taking my time, no rush, no being late.  The dog jumped in the car, before I was even ready to go, she was so excited that she could go along for the first time in months.  She enjoyed every moment, although she seemed like she was hot a nervous, I know she loved it.

Seeing the mechanic in 8 hours again.  Should be sleeping, story of my life, but this time I am honestly tired and a good earned tired that is. 

After driving around town, collecting my book at Postnet and buying my mom meds, I stopped at the house.  Tessa got out of the car but stood in the garage, didn’t want to budge. I knew she wants the walk I thought we’d had if the mechanic took my car.  We would’ve walked home, but it didn’t work out that way.  My heart melted seeing her staying put in the garage waiting for me to take her.  We went.  She ran and I got dragged along.  It was a gorgeous day as I have mention and she chased the guinea fowls and wild ducks.  We saw a good pair of shoes laying in the grass too.

The recycle bin guys are on duty on Tuesdays and the one guy has to walk and clean out all the bins and put it in bags and get it ready for when the truck arrives.  Be glad that is not your job.  Not sure why everyone’s recyclable junk is not in bags.  That would make their job easier.

Had lunch in the garden too and took care of my mother who has the flu. 

Tried leaving for Stodels to buy fishes, but my mother remembered she had a notepad and I had to teach her again how to use it.  Took me an hour to leave.

Left with the intention to surprise someone, but I am not sure he was at all that surprised.

The guy that helped me with the tropical fish told me that when he started there, he caught the plants with the net too, for he thought that was fish as well. I have no words.  I bought neons and Algi eaters. And a flower for a special lady.  Not happy with the service I got at Stodels.  No one helped me carry all my fishes and plants and I had to go back to fetch another plant, after leaving the fishes at reception.  First a Russian lady helped me, but she is so old and I don’t know, unhelpful? She showed me away and went on lunch. Oh my goodness, SERVICE people. The other episode that was not on my happy list, they say the flower is on a special, but what you don’t know, the pot that the flower is in, the bright pink one, is NOT. But once you are at the till, you are caught and she swipes the flower and then the pot and you are all like… but but… OH WELL!

We washed the cars and played soccer with the little 3-year-old.  Yes, my legs hurt now and my ankles are once again taking a beating.  Hope this too will end.  The sore part.  Not the playing and running around part.

Had more of a free feeling today, but something is still holding me by the ankle.  It is like there is a small piece of my previous job trying to hold me down. 

My new job starts today, guess I need some sleep.

His dad mails me letters that I should visit more often, but when I do visit, no one is around. Or they are there for a while but make sure they leave.  Yes, it does get to me.  I don’t know why. 

By 8am I was tired as ever! It is a great feeling.  Just a pity I couldn’t just flop into bed then and there.  Only got home at 9:30pm and there my mother was being all moody again.  It makes me stress, but when we talked later, I realised what made her moody.  Ah, life.  Sweet bitter thing.


And this is why I am still awake, YOUTUBE!  You have to watch this… Too cute. 😀

Britain’s Got Talent (dog and owner dancing) 2012 winners



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