29 August 2012


I was so upset last night that I didn’t update you on yesterday’s happenings, but after some sleep, I can manage to blog, but I am not fully my happy self yet.

Let us start from the bottom. I had to be up at 7am to be at the mechanic around 8am. I am glad to inform you that I made it, but my eyes were sleepy and I could’ve done for another hour or two.

Lucky for me I could wait across the road at the Mc Donalds. The mechanic had to put new brake discs on my little old faithful. It should’ve taken them and hour, but they phoned me after an hour and said the manufactures sent them the wrong discs. I had to wait another hour or two. I was double lucky, because Mc Donalds had 100mb, 60 minutes free internet and they only got it the day before. Once the 60minutes were done, I felt a bit lost for a few seconds, because I was busy with social media marketing. I had my laptop with me, by the way and the Vanilla Chai Latte from Mc Cafe was delish. I kept myself busy with time planning and what I should do when.

At about 10am I had enough sitting around, read the paper and walked to the Agri Mark to check out some rain boots. The women’s rainboots only go up to a 8 and I am a 9. Great guns. Found a nice pair on the men’s side, with fur in, but the price is high. R350. Whereas the women’s boots are R140. Tut-tut.

Mr Mechanic phoned me, but my phone was on silent. I saw it once I walked out and walked to their workshop but saw him driving my car at the Mc Donalds… I felt a bit awkward. R1500 later, I have now new brakes and got a speech. “Ma’am, don’t drive to fast, brake too fast and brake well in advanced and please try and avoid Emergency Braking (is that even a word?) I felt 18 again. I can drive and I have 9 years experience.

Had to run some errands for my mother. First went into Bernina to get a footing of the machine she ordered, but no one knew what I was talking about and I kept on saying it costs R18 and the old coloured lady snorted each time I said that. She started working on my nerves. She wasn’t being helpful. The white old lady behind the counter asked me to phone my mom with their phone. So much drama. In the end, they don’t have it, they are waiting for it.

The foam place, next door, smells like cigarettes and it is very deurmekaar (chaotic) in there. The guy is strange too. I had to pick the fillings up they had to cut for my mom.

Back at home I was so tired, I ate lunch and felt like sleeping, didn’t want to look bad on my first day as an Au Pair. I tried sleeping, but couldn’t. Got up, showered, and I once again had to prepare dinner. That was a bit stressful, since I wanted to make sure my car is clean. My mom went out for the day, but she is sick. I think she is taking advantage of me being at home in the mornings.

If I may say so myself, I made dinner in a record time.

I arrived at my new job and the girl was there. We just talked. I felt a bit out of place. The admin got done when her mother arrived. She showed me around the house and we talked through their schedules. It is going to be strange. I have to help the boy with his school work and he has a mind of his own. The girl and her mom left and the boy and I stayed behind. He had to do his tables and his guitar lesson. He tidied up. Ran to his room and shouted that I don’t have to sit with him and closed the door. I heard him playing the guitar, but that was the most awkward part. Standing there, not knowing what to do. I literally just stood their in the middle of the lounge waiting. Luckily he came out and I was relieved, because he had his tekkies in his hand and I knew we could go walk the dog. The boy rides his bicycle and I walk the dog, the dog is almost 16 years old… I tried keeping a eye on the boy and walked slowly with the dog, but he waited for us, which made me at ease. Sometimes I lost sight of the boy and lightly tucked at he dog’s leash, but she wouldn’t budge! I felt a bit helpless. This is going to be a challenge.

At home he wanted to know if I would like the watch TV, and I know his parents don’t want him to watch and besides I don’t like TV. He couldn’t believe that, he said everyone in his class, LOVES TV. Then he asked if I wanted to play with his PSP. This was funny. I later got handed prestick and had to play with that. He then insisted that he is going to make a fire for me and I just agreed. We sat infront of the fireplace and talked. He layed on his back just laughing and talking. At that moment I felt certain. His mother and sister arrived and the neighbour. I had to meet her, because she gave me the elderly person job and then I left.

Got home, had dinner and then Wiaan arrived. We had to go to cell. And then it all started. A quarrel about nothing. It just escalated. So I guess it is safe to say I don’t want to talk about the evening and it wasn’t pleasant.

That’s it!


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