30 August 2012

Good evening.

Posted yesterday’s blog this afternoon, but it somehow didn’t publish, it only went through now. I am running a bit behind, hey.

The doorbell rang at 7:40, the gardener announced his arrival and I was awake since then.

Had breakfast outside and a crazy mother inside. She is sick and somehow very moody. It causes stress and tension in me. I hate it when she shouts. That’s when I decided to take the dog for a walk. She LOVED it. She doesn’t stop running, even though I can hear that she is out of breath, she keeps on pushing forward. Wish I had that ability in me when I run. 😀 She found water and the mud just came with it. Of course she had to stand in it with all four paws, drinking water.

The afternoon went by in a rush. I had to bake cupcakes for my brother’s office.. Made lunch. Mr Guy had half day and could run the errands my mom once again gave me.

The lady boss phoned me and I missed her call, I felt like such an idiot. She just wanted to make sure that I am going to fetch the kids. Which was a daunting task, especially the boy. There’s no parking at the school and all the moms are there and to top it all… boy child was playing with his mates on the other side of the fence. I had to park the car, call him across the fence, but he didn’t hear me. Then I had to ask another girl standing closer by to call him for me. They had lunch and I stood around not knowing what to do. This is sort of terrible. I am not sure if the studying went well, he coloured in and I studied, asking him questions. I know he loved it, but was it the right way? Is he going to ace his test? Only time will tell. At least he drew pictures relevant towards his studies.

I had to make dinner once again. A quick one, since we had band practice. Which was enjoyable, except for long periods of admin and waiting, but one of my favourite songs are in it. The modified Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin. If I am not mistaken.

Mr Guy went for his back and his uncle and had a nice chat about the pets and camera’s.

Back home I had to ice the cupcakes. Except my brother left me a message saying the following: “if you are tired or so, you don’t have to ice the cupcakes. I will buy some cake tomorrow rather.” Disturbed much? I didn’t enjoy that message at all. Iced it anyway.

Time for bed! Looking forward to tomorrow’s challenges.

Forgot to tell you that the engineer phoned yesterday while I was with the kids, he left a message. He asked me when I would be coming in, as we discussed last Friday and that he’ll call again…

Night night



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