5 September 2012


I am so behind with my blog, it is not even funny.

This morning I had a bit of a slow start, had early breakfast, wheatbix, but only started my assignment at around 10am or 11am.  Had a good hour or two working on it.

The kitchen was a mess, tried cleaning it a bit, but washing the dishes had to wait.  My mom went to watch birds at around 6am and that causes everything to be disturbed.  I had to make food, but I just have too much assignments now and have to try and finish it before going to pick up the kids.

Didn’t have a good day at ‘work’.  The boy looks sad or distracted every day.  I am not sure what the problem could be.  But each day he is more quiet than the previous day.  We had to go to the library and the boy made us late, because he likes to sit on the toilet for long and gets distracted when he needs to just get dressed and run.

Saw one of my old teachers at the library and I suppose she didn’t notice me or remembered me, Juffrou Aucamp.  My hockey teacher and my bookkeeping teacher.

Think I should go study at the library from now on, it seems quiet there.  Which will be good.  The blood donation group were there today and it seems scary.  The little guy wants to know how long can blood stay alive.  Can anyone tell?  How long can you keep donated blood? 

Funny enough, we got all our tasks done, but it wasn’t a satisfying day.  It feels like the girl is on her own mission.  She had lunch at 4:30 and I told that to the mom and she got scolded at.  My fault!  I just felt the mother should know and she should eat right.  I guess she was so sucked into her book. 

I walked the dog, but the girl didn’t want to come along, I am not sure why.  Maybe it is me?  I saw the most beautiful bird on our way.  It should be a sugarbird, because of its size.  It is black and green in colour.

Mom made dinner, I just made us some mash with it.  And then it took me 2 hours to start with my assignments… I am more distracted than the boy, I guess. 

Today is Mr Guy and me’s 21 month dating anniversary.  He gave me little flowers he picked out of the garden.

Today was so-so, nothing great or grand.  I shall have to surprise the lil guy with something tomorrow or try and make the day fun.  I don’t like it when he looks so gloomy.

Off to assignments once again.